News Bulletin From NBSK 1999

Number 7 extract
1 December 1999

Foundation of the Italian branch of the Japanese Bonsai authors Association

…After numerous meetings held on 17-18 November 2000, during my stay in Italy, which lasted about 2 months, we decided to organize an exhibition of Bonsai in a Tirolan city, which is situated in the north-east of Italy (in Bressanone ) and where many Italian bonsaists as well as European bonsaists will gather.

For this occasion we planned seminaries and demonstrations held by me and Mr Auer in order to explain the authentic Japanese bonsai. We will officially invite the Association President, Mr Yamada Tomio. This event will represent the official start of the European branch of the Japanese Bonsai authors Association. This branch’s goal will be to become a promoting force for the future of the European bonsai world. It will therefore assemble a small group of valid European instructors who will be chosen from the best bonsaists in Europe. I’m sure that they will build an authentic and correct path for Bonsai in Europe, keeping in touch with the central office.

Responsible for foreign affairs: Suzuki Hideo