Larix decidua

Member Mr. Lorenzo Agnoletti Bonsai Larix decidua Pot Chinese commercial pot Origin Italy, yamadori Measurements (cm) D 50 – H 20 Larch harvested in 2000, permanently potted since 2012. Semicascade style Socio Lorenzo Agnoletti Bonsai Larice Vaso Commerciale cinese Origine Italia, yamadori Dimensioni (cm) D 50 – H 20 Larice raccolto nel 2000, in vaso […]

Juniperus chinensis

Member Mr. Danny Use | Previous owner Mr. Masahiko Kimura Bonsai Juniperus chinensis Pot Tokoname Origin Yamadori | Japan, Hokkaido Measurements (cm) H 77 Kuzuchi philosophy maintenance; long nature builded, let it freely grow natural under control. Doesn’t mean that there can not be nearly invisible wires. Socio Danny Use | Proprietario precedente Masahiko Kimura […]

Pinus mugo

Member Mr. Severino Zinetti Bonsai Pinus mugo Pot Italian hand made Origin Italy, yamadori Measurements (cm) H 65 Potted for about 20 years, repotted in an Italian hand made pot Socio Severino Zinetti Bonsai Pino mugo Vaso Artigianale italiano Origine Italia, yamadori Dimensioni (cm) H 65 Lavorato in vaso per circa 20 anni, rinvasata in […]

Cornus mas

Member Mr. Udo Fischer Bonsai Cornus mas Pot Yamaaki Origin From a hedge Measurements (cm) H 75 Tree comes from a hedge, dug up 30 years ago. Age approx. 60-70 years. Socio Udo Fisher Bonsai Corniolo Vaso Yamaaki Origine Da siepe Dimensioni (cm) H 75 L’albero proviene da una siepe, è stato espiantato 30 anni […]

Pine Pentaphylla Zuisho var. 

Member Mr. Placido Pirollo Bonsai Pine Pentaphylla Zuisho var.  Pot Stone slab Origin Japan Measurements (cm) D 110 I have been growing this tree for about 15 years. During this time I have tried to maintain its structure as much as possible and to improve its fine branching. Cultivation on a stone lestra has, over […]

Palmate maple Yama momiji

Member Mr. Edoardo Rossi Bonsai Palmate maple Yama Momiji Pot Tokoname Origin Japan Measurements (cm) H 80 I bought this palm maple from my master Hideo Suzuki and it arrived in my garden in 2001. Its size, trunk diameter and especially its branches have changed a lot in these 23 years. It is a tree […]


“Winter twilight” – Member Mr. Paco Donato Classification Landscape Stone – Sansui keijo sekiPlateau Stone – Doha ishi Poetic name ‘Eternity’ Origin Japan (Kitakami river) Measurements (cm) L 28,5 – D 9 – H 6 Kakejiku Snow – Gofunchirashi painting on silk –Painter name: Maruyama Ōkyo (1733-1795) The delicate shape of this stone guides us […]


“Veiled melancholy under an autumn moon“ – Member Mr. Cosimo Pepe Classification Landscape Stone – Sansui keijo sekiDistant mountain stone – Toyama ishi Poetic name ‘Autumn mountain’ Origin Italy (Toce river) Measurements (cm) L 31 – D 17 – H 13 Kakejiku Tsukihaiga – Moon and calligraphy古寺の茶釜も踊れ今日の月“Even the kettles of ancient temples dance under this […]


“Fresh summer respite: rock alive as water” – Member Mrs. Daniela Schifano Classification Shinsho-seki Poetic name Mushin 無心Unfettered mind Origin Japan (Seta river) Measurements (cm) L 14 – D 10 – H 28 Kakejiku Waterfall (author unknown) Whether from a stream or waterfall, lake, river or sea, water brings refreshment in sultry, humid summers. In […]


“Spring breeze: life renewed” – Member Gift from Master Kunio Kobayashi to Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Europe (Sakka Ten 2016) Classification Landscape stone – Sansui keijo sekiIsland stone – Shimagata ishi Poetic name – Origin Japan (Kamo river) Measurements (cm) L 28 – D 15 – H 13 Kakejiku Two swallows – Hand-painted on silk […]